Medical College Management System –

Medical College Management Software is an online medical campus management system which allows for better management of medical colleges and the hospitals attached to them. It provides a campus wide integrated system that automates and integrates an institutions diverse resources, operations and management.

For optimum working of any medical college system, medical campus management should be done on a priority basis. There are a large number of modules, such as admission management, fees management, attendance management ,leave management, exam management and many others , which are required for the day-to-day working of a medical college.

Medical Management Software Features

  • Smooth functioning of the medical college and hospital
  • Streamlining of all the college processes like admissions, examinations, results, lectures, fee collection, attendance compilation of data for all the stakeholders such as students, staff, management and parents
  • Proper organization of events in the academic year
  • Availablity of all types of records on request
  • Alerts through SMS and email
  • Proper and smooth management of transportation, mess facilities, hostel facilities, library, laboratories and internal campus webmail
  • Based on student performance, details of scholar students is gathered, which is used for scholarship management module
  • Alumni of the medical college can remain connected with college events through the alumni management module
  • Secure access to the system

Hardware Requirements

The minimum Hardware configuration required to run this Program are:

  • Dedicated Server Quad Core or higher
  • Windows XP/2000/2003/2008 OS
  • 1 GB of hard disk space
  • Windows compatible mouse
  • 4 GB RAM & Higher
  • SVGA card with mono or color monitor
  • CD_ROM Drive for installation.

In addition to this, hospital management software facilitates quick decision making, better coordination and smooth running of the various operations. Use of electronic systems also reduces the chances of error or delay in provision of the necessary treatment and billing of a patient. You an also reduce costs and improve the running of your hospital with the best software from, a leading provider of healthcare software solutions. For more information call us on +919011026090/+919021156156


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